Only one more day left to register


Thank you for the registrations so far! Following teams has been registered (as of 27th April):

University of Architecture Ho Chi Minh City (UAH)
1919, A1, ANT, B-D team, B.O.R.E, BAHAHA, BAM BAM BAM, BE.TA, Betoong, Blue.Pink.Bird , Bờ_i_Mờ, CAĐ, charreté, Chenuvin, DHT, DSK, ECDER, Helios, Jude, Oteam, QL32, RONG, S.I.P, SCDL, T.B.D, T.H.T, T2w3, TAA, TBT, TCT, Team C.N.C , VL96, X.Y.Z

Vang Lang University (VLU)
0.01 percent, 3 Idiots, 3T Mind, 76 CLUB, 76 Club A, A-ÉP, A.131, A+ Group , ATA STUDIO, BAA+, BIMBIM, BLK, bro, Cute pigs, DHK, E AR, F.t.F, Green, Infinite Space, K301, L.I.N.K, Little monster, MAD ART, Mars, MiNi thinking , RTJ, Saigonese, soshin soshin, Team Ga Trong, TKN+, TNT , TNT , UP, VGD

Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HCMUT)
DSK, HTV, SUNPLAY, The Last Team, The Next

(if you haven’t)


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